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The High-Ticket.xyz Badge System: What Each Badge Means

Understand the significance and the journey to earning each badge on High-Ticket.xyz.

Have you ever wondered about the different badges you see on High-Ticket.xyz? They’re a vital part of our ecosystem, a recognition program we’ve created to acknowledge the achievements and contributions of our community members. In this blog post, we’ll bring you clarity on what each badge represents and how you can earn them. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Community Birthday

Like a birthday cake on your special day, this badge is awarded to members who stick around for a year or more. It’s our way of saying thank you for your loyalty and dedication. The more numbers you have on your badge (years on the platform), the brighter your badge will shine!

Premium Badge

If you see this badge, it means the member has chosen to step things up and enjoy the exclusive benefits of being a Premium Member. It’s stamp denoting exclusivity and commitment to high-ticket sales.

Active Contributor & Top Contributor

These badges reflect the members’ engagement with the community. The ‘Active Contributor’ badge is awarded to those who’ve posted at least 20 times on their feed, and the ‘Top Contributor’ for those who’ve passed the 100 post mark.

Engagement Enthusiast & Conversation Catalyst

These badges are for the social butterflies among us who love to communicate and engage. ‘Engagement Enthusiast’ is awarded for posting 50 comments on users’ posts, while ‘Conversation Catalyst’ is for those who’ve posted 200 comments.

Creative Sales & Tech Sales

Have you made a significant sale in the creative or tech industry? Apply for the ‘Creative Sales’ or ‘Tech Sales’ badge to showcase your achievement and inspire others!

Referral Pro

This badge is for those who’ve helped our community grow by referring at least 10 people to the platform. Spread the word and earn your ‘Referral Pro’ badge!

Deal Maker

The ‘Deal Maker’ is for the go-getters who’ve managed to close a deal within their first month of joining. It’s proof of their drive to succeed in high-ticket sales.

$10k Revenue to $1m Revenue

These badges are a testament to your sales prowess and the revenue you’ve driven. Starting from $10k, each badge indicates the milestones you’ve crossed in your revenue generation journey.

High, Top, and Legendary Performer  

Whether you’ve made it onto the monthly sales leaderboard or topped it for months, these badges are bestowed upon those who’ve truly excelled. High Performer, Top Performer, and Legendary Performer badges are the hallmarks of sales leaders on High-Ticket.xyz.

Earning Your Badges

The journey to earning your badges starts with active participation and engagement. The more you contribute, the more badges you’re likely to earn. Remember, some badges require an application, so be sure to apply once you’ve reached the criteria.


Badges on High-Ticket.xyz are more than just for show. They’re a reflection of your journey, achievements, and contributions within our community. They offer recognition and credibility, helping you stand out and inspire others. So, let’s get active, engage, and start collecting those badges!

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